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Mayor Whalen fills us in as to the cautious approach to a possible start of school, the climbing numbers of infections, and how that might affect plans. We also discuss Tuesday’s upcoming council meeting, and the Historical Preservation Ordinance. that, plus the plans for Labor Day. Always an informative discussion with the mayor.

The Mayor talk about the holiday weekend’s beach closures, (shortly after this conversation, the Mayor called back to update the community that the beaches would now be closed Sat. AND Sun). We also discuss the enforcement, and severe penalties for setting off fireworks in Laguna Beach. There will be a zero tolerance of fireworks in the city. We discuss the Governors directives, and his intent to work jointly with localities to help enforce them.

WealthWise Financial’s Founder & President joins us for an in depth conversation about the Senate’s decision to extend the application period for PPP, and the remaining 134 billion dollars. She breaks down global, national, and local economic ramifications of these past 4 months of COVID-19.

Mayor Whalen discusses the climbing county numbers, and the Governor’s statewide directive on masks, and the steps the city will be taking to ensure compliance. We also go over some of the decisions made at this past Tuesday’s City Council meeting. An informative, and frank conversation with Mayor Bob Whalen.

Dr. DeNicola, on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 since the very beginning, discusses the rough road ahead for Orange County as our numbers continue to climb. We learn what he’s been seeing with the over one hundred cases he’s been treating. Treatments that work, including his “COVID cocktail”, and some that have been less effective. We cover the possibility of the virus mutating, the possibility of permanent lung damage in some cases, whether or not meat eaters are less susceptible to its effects, and the vital importance of getting a FLU shot this year. We also ask his level of confidence in the OC Healthcare Agency. A sobering, honest discussion that every OC resident should hear.