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The Chicago-based American alternative rock band Wilco have been creating groovy music since the late 1990s. In their early music, you can hear a sense of country mixed in with soft rock – but it isn’t till now that they are embracing more of their country side. 

“Falling Apart (Right Now)” is their first single off of their album Cruel Country. The song is very instrument based, and if you close your eyes you can hear every stroke of the guitar. This would be the first time that all six members have recorded live together in the same room.

The band hasn’t always been so open about doing country music. In an interview with Lighting 100 radio, Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer explains, “We’ve never been particularly comfortable with accepting that definition, the idea that I was making country music. But now, having been around the block a few times, we’re finding it exhilarating to free ourselves within the form, and embrace the simple limitation of calling the music we’re making country.”

Country music is a very specific genre of music where it seems like you either totally love it or it just isn’t for you. Wilco mixes both rock and country to fuse a wide variety of instruments and music. Because of this, they have created a gateway for people who love rock but are new to country. 

Although the upbeat song grasps the listeners attention, the lyrics tell a whole different story. “Falling Apart (Right Now)” is about various topics, but it mainly is about the beautiful and cruel parts of living in the United States. With so many changes happening each day, many issues can arise, creating hardships for the people. Wilco chooses to express their feelings through music; each one of the 21 tracks in Cruel Country tells a different story about American history. Cruel Country is set to release on May 27th via dBpm Records. 

You can watch Wilco perform when they go on tour June through August or listen to the single here on 104.7 KX FM.

Written by: Sana Rashidi

Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like if you were driving down the beautiful coast of Monaco while gusts of wind blow in your hair. “Solitaire,” performed in French by Dutch duo Donna Blue, paints the perfect picture of this dreamy day along the Côte d’Azur. 

The self-described “vintage-pop” band released their new single “Solitaire” on April 8th. It is the second single off their upcoming debut album “Dark Roses,” set to release on May 13th. 

It’s almost as though “Solitaire” has magical teleportation skills; while listening you truly feel as if you are being whisked away to the French Riviera. It is upbeat and has a funky tune that makes you want to tap your feet. The song shares a story about lovers at sea heading towards an unbearable storm – when the strong winds take over, all they can do is hold on tight, pray to the moon, and wait for it to pass. 

In an exclusive interview with God Is In The TV, the duo explained, “We wanted to dive more into storytelling. We envisioned a scene of apparent paradise.” This is exactly what the duo did; just like many French songs, music, and art, “Solitaire” is full of romance and mystery. 

Donna Blue will be touring in Europe from May to June, and you can hear their music on 104.7 KX FM. Just close your eyes, and you will be teleported by the sound of their vibrant music.

Review written by Sana Rashidi

Chicago-based indie band, The Walters, have released their new single, “Million Little Problems.”

The track features a wide variety of instruments playing an upbeat tune that will instantly get you tapping your feet. The song is very cheerful and has an almost nostalgic ambiance. The song’s message isn’t particularly happy or sad, but it gives reassurance that we all have problems and that you aren’t alone. It is about bringing yourself up and trying to forgive yourself. The lyrics that stood out to me the most were, “I try to build myself back up but man life’s been so uncertain.” 

It almost reminds me of current moment, where it’s sort of a transitional period for everyone. Covid hit hard for a lot of people, and with things suddenly opening back up, it can make people feel uncertain. “Million Little Problems” shows that we are all fighting the same battle. I know that personally I am struggling with this. I feel like I was stuck in a time capsule from pre-Covid. Now with things going back to normal, it is common to feel like you are being rushed into resuming the lifestyle we once knew.

“Million Little Problems” is The Walters first song in 5 years. You might know The Walters from their previous single, “I Love You So,” which recently went viral on TikTok, as it touched many people with its heartfelt lyrics. This is a common trend happening, where artists who haven’t released any songs for a while regain popularity on Tik Tok when their old songs become viral. The Walters are an incredible band, so I’m definitely happy they are releasing new music.

Their EP, “Million Little Problems” is set to release at the end of next month. You can see them perform when they go on tour from May through June and hear the single on 104.7 KX FM.

Review written by Sana Rashidi

If you love the movie “Freaky Friday” you will absolutely love this up and rising Los Angeles-based all female band. 

The Linda Lindas are an Asian American and Latina punk-rock band who started playing in their garage for fun. The band is made up of two sisters, their cousin and a family friend, with their ages ranging from 11 to 17 years old. 

Since forming in 2018, the band has really established their punk-rock sound, and during the pandemic, they gained an active following. With their emerging recognition, actor Amy Poehler asked them to write a song for her Netflix film “Moxie.” Not too long after, they wrote a track for the Netflix documentary “The Claudia Kishi Club.”

With many punk-pop songs on their newly released debut album “Growing Up,” one that particularly stands out “Talking to Myself.” The song really shows the raw talent these girls have. It is an ideal mix of pop and punk. The single has a deeper meaning; in an interview with Rolling Stones magazine, the lead singer of the band Lucia de la Garza said, “The song is about the spiral you go into when you’re lonely. You start to question yourself and all the decisions you’ve made. I’m always looking back on conversations and going, ‘Oh, I should have said this, I should have said that.”

The Linda Lindas are absolutely hitting the nail with this song. Many of us overthink every single social encounter we have throughout the day, and it can really deteriorate our mental health. The song shines a light on the situation and puts into words the spiraling feelings you have when you overthink.

The Linda Lindas are signed to Epitaph Records and continue to be a powerful symbol of feminism, showing girls of all ages that it is okay to be who you are. You can listen to them here on 104.7 KX FM or see them when they go on tour this April through October across the United States.

Review written by Sana Rashidi

Ever wonder what it would feel like to get into a time machine and travel to the 1960’s? Technically, you can’t travel faster than the speed of light, however, you can get very close. 

Indie singer/songwriter Julia Logan’s golden voice makes you feel like you have time traveled to the era of groovy music and tie dye. Although originally from Sweden, her song Everly Foreverly,” has a West Coast vibe to it, where the sound is floral and makes it feel as if you are swimming in honey. The lyrics have a personal meaning – in an interview with Clash Magazine, Julia shared, “’Everly Foreverly’ is about family and the ties that connect us, even when one of us feels there is darkness and no clear path, in the end the unity of family keeps on going.”

When Julia found old videos of her grandparents in the 50’s and 60’s, she wanted to create a song mixing old California and East Coast sounds to pay tribute to her grandparents’ wild and free life. Everly Foreverly shows optimism about the future and feels like a warm hug from your loved ones. Her soothing voice and the upbeat track give a hint of nostalgia, as if being surrounded by a warm summer breeze.

You can listen to “Everly Foreverly” on 104.7 KX FM. Next time you want to time travel, remember to turn up Julia Logan.


Review written by Sana Rashidi