Stockholm-bred indie band Urban Cone charmed the KX93.5 studio with a live performance last week. Listeners may recognize a song from their set entitled “New York”, which not only plays frequently but happens to be a longtime favorite of our very own Brian Holst. The quintet reminisced about the pleasant summers of Sweden, in which they wrote their sophomore album, Polaroid Memories. With such a “dreamy” vibe, the songs do indeed sound as if they were written from the shore. Brian pointed out that, like many Swedish artists like Miike Snow or Cardigans, Urban Cone chose to write their music in English. It was this decision that led to an intense focus on the band’s ‘sound’, allowing them to collaborate with producer John Dahlback and play around with electronica and continue to stay true to themselves.

For the full audio from the performance & interview, listen to the podcast below. Check out for other interviews, live in-studio performances & more!

urban cone in studio set up

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