“We decided to make this ‘Roots Project,’ which was basically paying homage to my family in Kentucky. We’re from Appalachia, we’re a coal mining family, and we lost so many of our elders, so we thought it would be a really cool idea to kind of honor this amazing culture of people in these hills,” said singer/songwriter/artist/producer Martha Redbone in a recent interview on KX FM 104.7 FM’s “Daily Scramble Live.”

In the interview, Martha goes into detail about what inspired the making of the “Roots Project” and the inspiration behind her use of William Blake’s poems in her music, discussing a few of Blake’s ideas and how they relate to her own background.

Take a road trip and catch Martha Redbone at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon on February 13th and click here to hear the full podcast of her live session. Check out her live songs below from our SoundCloud page!