Amy Dresner – R2RR Ep. 39

Amy Dresner is a former stand up comic, writer and author.  She has survived a 20 year battle with addiction, four psych wards, an abusive marriage and 3 suicide attempts.   Born into a privileged life in Beverly Hills, her parents divorced when she was just 2.  An unstable upbringing with a Mom who didn’t know how to love her, both sides of her family featured a lot of mental illness and addiction.  As a teenager, a bet with her Dad ensured that she was very much into purity and stayed away from alcohol and cigarettes but at 19 she tasted her first drink. From there she descended to a place where if she could snort it, smoke it, shoot it, or have sex with it, she did.  Hear her talk self sabotage, loneliness and the disease of addiction with host Wes Geer.