Brandon Mendenhall was born with Cerebral Palsy. Doctors did not hold out much hope that he would even walk, let alone live a productive life as he has limited mobility on his left side and zero mobility in his left hand. Despite these physical challenges and the setbacks that came with them, Brandon was always determined to succeed.
Brandon taught himself to play guitar rehabilitated his left hand with no surgical intervention.
Mendenhall worked hard finding solutions to his physical limitations and developed a unique playing style that became his signature.
With fierce determination, Brandon moved from his small town in Illinois to Los Angeles to embark on his journey. Building a band from the ground up in the entertainment capital of the world proved to be an immense task, but the struggle continued to ignite his passion and solidify his purpose.
Brandon is the star of the inspiring documentary, Mind Over Matter, directed by Sebastian Paquet.
Sebastien went around the world as a rock photographer, videographer and filmmaker, with the likes of Grammy Award-winning metal band Korn choosing his eye for the spectacular and his instinct for spotting a great story and telling it with honesty and authenticity.
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