#38 Deep Cuts – Graham Parker and The Rumour

“This guy combines the best of Van Morrison, Eric Burdon and John Lennon … he’s the only guy around right now I’d pay money to see” – Bruce Springsteen


Deep Cuts brings you another great show from the vault.  This episode features the first appearance of Richard.  Richard and I met at The Sound Spectrum in Laguna.  I happened to be on the hunt for some rare Graham Parker vinyl to add to my collection, they didn’t happen to have any in stock at the moment, but Richard was gracious enough to offer me access to his sweet stockpile of Graham Parker and The Rumour records.  I quickly accepted his offer to borrow from his collection to share the most excellent back catalog of one of the most influential British Pub Rockers of all time, under one condition; Richard would need to join me live on the air to share his personal stories of his treasured Deep Cuts.

Listen in while we discuss Graham Parker’s recurring label issues, his notoriously DGAF attitude, his work with the Rumour, his Solo career, his legacy, and his resurgence into popular culture.

This is a great episode to check out if you are familiar with Graham Parker or if you have always wanted to learn more about his work and musical contributions.  Graham Parker reunited with The Rumour in 2011 and most recently toured last year to promote his 2015 release “Mystery Glue” I was fortunate enough to catch their show in New York and it was fantastic.

So sit back, relax, and let these Deep Cuts wash over you in an awesome wave.


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