Dolphin Bliss For Your Brain with Mermaid Mahalia

Mermaid Mahalia

Join us for an enlightening conversation as we discuss the incredible healing techniques Mahalia Michael uses to bring our brains into a blissful state using Light-Sound Frequency or what she refers to as “Allumina Technology”.

Mahalia marries the science of sound, brain and body with the mystery and magic of the Allumina Technology, delivering breakthrough, experiential and long-lasting health and bliss to all who participate.

Our brains are responsible for most of our emotions, actions, words, thoughts and attitudes. If our brains aren’t “right”, our lives will be chaos. Mahalia’s brilliant teachings & transmissions with BrainBliss and the Allumina Technology can transform all of this for us so we can live functional, thriving, productive, healthful and blissful lives.

What the Academy of Brain Bliss and the Allumina Technology Stands For:
Our Natural order and Destination as a Human Race abiding in Light and Sound that Fuels Pleasure and Fulfills Cosmic Coherence as a Colourful, Musical Mandala of Sacred Codes Reflecting Eternal Grace, Love and Illumination.



♪ Songs Featured in this Show:

1) Elton John:  Can You Feel the Love Tonight

2) George Harrison:  My Sweet Love

3) Queen w/ David Bowie:  Under Pressure

4) ALL STAR CAST:  We Are the World

5) Telepopmusik:  Breathe