Dr. Kim Sage Show. Savant Syndrome in Autism: Genius Skills

Dr. Kim Sage, Clinical Psychologist (#29089) welcomes back Mild Autism expert and psychologist Dr. Alina Bright,  as they explore “Savant Syndrome” (genius abilities) in individuals who also have an Autism diagnosis.

What types of special superhero skills do “Savant Syndrome,” individuals have?

How do these remarkable skills impact their lives, academics and families?

If you have ever seen the movie “Rain Man,” or seen genius kids on talk shows, Savant Syndrome is the likely explanation for these incredible abilities.

Listen to this week’s fascinating show to learn more about Autism and Savant Syndrome, with Dr. Alina Bright, who specializes in Mild Autism, and works with many of these children and their families in Newport Beach.

Dr. Kim Sage can be contacted at (949) 899-5787 or drkimsage.com

Dr. Alina Bright can be contacted at (949) 385-3524 or brightideapsychology.net