Dr. Kim Sage Show What is the Relationship Between Trauma and Addiction?

Listen to this week’s live show and podcast on KX FM 104.7FM, as host Dr. Kim Sage, licensed psychologist, welcomes Trauma, Addiction and EMDR expert therapist Bert Shepley, as they explore and explain the relationship between Addiction and Trauma.

How do therapists decide what qualifies as addiction?

What roles do shame and trauma play in the origins of substance abuse and dependence issues?

What is EMDR therapy, and how can it help you or someone you love heal from addiction, trauma or both?

You don’t want to miss this fascinating interview to learn more about the emerging field of trauma, and how it can significantly impact all areas of our lives!

Dr. Kim Sage (#29089) can be contacted at (949) 899-5787 or drkimsage.com emdrnewportbeach.com.

Bert Shepley (LMFT #87943) can be contacted at (714) 642-3991 or bertshepleymft.com