A Fuzz Full o’ Soul

Damn! It feels good to be back on the air, even if it’s only been two weeks. Turn this one up one louder. What you are about to audibly endure will fill your head and keep you satisfied for the next week…until the next Fuzz Show. Deep soul tracks that have finally had a small spotlight shone on them via The Fuzz. Trust me on these.
1: Carl Carlton – I Can Feel It
2: Chicago Travelers – Been Trying
3: Nina Simone – The Pusher
4: Bobbie Smith – Now He’s Gone (aka Now You’re Gone)
5: Derek Statement Lawrence – I Am The Preacher
6: Dion – Its All Over Now Baby Blue
7: The Rollers – Knockin At The Wrong Door
8: April March – Laisse Tomber les Filles
9: The Moovers – I Love You Baby
10: Helene Smith – You Got To Be a Man
11: Johnson Hawkins Tatum & Durr – You cant blame me
12: Marion Black – Who Knows
13: Ken Boothe – Set Me Free
14: Freda Gray & The Rocketeers – Stay Away From My Johnny
15: Them Two – Am I A Good Man
16: Brother Samuel Cheatham – Troubles of the World
17: Terry Reid – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)