Gather The Mamas and Transform the World

Gather the Mamas and Transform the World with Wendy Silvers

In this podcast, we welcome Wendy Silvers (Mama Wendy) — Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Activist and founder of the Million Mamas Movement.  The Million Mamas Movement is a Mamas Revolution … an evolution of motherhood and a revolution led by the Mamas for the Mamas, to embody their Sovereign, Sacred, Soul Power so that they and their children prosper and flourish — and in this conversation, Eric, Michelle and Wendy discuss how the ‘motherly energy’ is not only for women who have had children but anyone, man or woman, who feels that motherly love for others.  If we put consciousness into the equation, we can all move forward.  Wendy shares that “when Mothers own their value, influence and worth, gather, activate and galvanize their sovereign power into effective actions that support the health, wealth, prosperity and freedom of women and children, it will transform the world.”

♫ Songs featured in this show:

• “Three is a Magic Number” [Blind Melon]

• “No Roots” [Alice Merton]

• “Mother” [Ecstatic Union]

• “Mother Mary” [Larisa Stow & the Shakti Tribe]

• “Mr. Blue Sky” [Electric Light Orchestra — ELO]

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