“Go Deep w/ Bruce Rave” New Music Show, July 13

Bleached – Hard to Kill (From “Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough”)
The Raconteurs – Sunday Driver (“Help Us Stranger”)
The Jacks – Walk Away (Single)
Stray Cats – Cry Danger (“40”)
Thom Yorke – Impossible Knots (“Anima”)
Mako – Coyote (Single)
The Divine Comedy – Queuejumper (“Office Politics”)
Yeasayer – I’ll Kiss You Tonight (“Erotic Reruns”)
Charly Bliss – Hard to Believe (“Young Enough”)
Titus Andronicus – (I Blame) Society (“An Obelisk”)
Oscar Scheller – Intersteller Disco (Single)
Luc – Over It (Single)
The Voidz – The Eternal Tao (Single)
Middle Kids – Beliefs and Prayers (“New Songs For Old Problems”)
Foreign Air – Wake Me Up (Single)
Guards – You Got Me (“Modern Hymns”)

Violent Femmes – I’m Nothing (“Hotel Last Resort”)
Frankie Cosmos – Windows (Single)
Spoon – No Bullets Spent (From “Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon”)
Vampire Weekend – Flower Moon (“Father of the Bride”)
The Regrettes – I Dare You (Single)
Redd Cross – Beyond the Door (Single)
Mini Mansions – I’m in Love (“Guy Walks Into a Bar”)
The Harmaleighs – Sorry I’m Busy (“She Won’t Make Sense”)
Mannequin Pus-y – Who You Are (“Patience”)
Love Fame Tragedy – My Cheating Heart (Single)
Perry Farrell – Machine Girl (“Kind Heaven”)
The Catching – The More I Say (Single)
Kitty Kat Fan Club – Happy Now, Loving You (“Dreamy Little You”)
Tycho – Pink & Blue (“Weather”)
Hot Chip – Melody of Love (“A Bath Full of Ecstasy”)
Metronomy – Lately (Single)
Maps – Both Sides (“Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss” )