“Go Deep w/ Bruce Rave” New Music Show, June 22

White Reaper – Might Be Right (Single)
Spoon – No Bullets Spent (From “Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon”)
The Regrettes – I Dare You (Single)
Love Fame Tragedy – My Cheating Heart (Single)
The Membranes – Black Is the Color (“What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away”)
The Alarm – Brighter Than the Sun (Single)
Redd Cross – Beyond the Door (Single)
Echo In the Canyon f/ Jacob Dylan and Jade Castrinos – Go Where You Wanna Go (Mamas and Papas cover from “Echo in the Canyon”)
Pixx – Andean Condor (“Small Mercies”)
Phantom Planet – Balisong (Single)
Flying Lotus f/ Little Dragon – Spontaneous (“Flamagra”)
Versing – Tethered (“10000”)
The Get Up Kids – Waking Up Alone (“Problems”)
Sleater-Kinney – The Future Is Here (“The Center Won’t Hold”)
Ty Segall – Taste (“First Taste”)
Kyle Craft – 2 Ugly 4 NY (“Showboat Honey”)
Vampire Weekend f/ Danielle Haim – Hold You Now (“Father of the Bride”)
The Raconteurs – Live A Lie (“Help Us Stranger”)
The Black Keys – Eagle Birds (“Let’s Rock”)
Plague Vendor – All Of the Above (“By Night”)
Bon Iver – Hey, Ma (Single)
Hatchie – Obsessed (“Keepsake”)
Mattiel – Keep the Change (“Satis Factory”)
Stray Cats – Cat Fight (Single)
L7 – Stadium West (“Scatter the Rats”)
The Dream Syndicate – The Way In (“These Times”)
Cage the Elephant – Broken Boy (“Social Cues”)
Mini Mansions – I’m in Love (“Guy Walks Into a Bar”)
Hot Chip – Why Does My Mind (“A Bath Full of Ecstasy”)
The Parlotones – Antidote (“China”)
Holy Ghost – Do This (“Work”)
Doomsquad – The Last Two Palm Trees in LA (“Let Yourself Be Seen”)