Greg Welcomes a Very Special Guest, James Redfield

Greg Welcomes a very kind and wise man, James Redfield.  James is the author of  THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, the book that began the discussion of nine Spiritual experiences or Insights which each of us seemed to be discovering en masse.


Followed by, THE TENTH INSIGHT, that demonstrates how we were entering the tenth step-up in consciousness. This time we were pushing beyond the restrictions associated with death, and opening up to the reality of the Afterlife.


And THE SECRET OF SHAMBHALA, argued that yet another breakthrough was taking us into an even higher level of recognition: an Eleventh Insight. Written at the beginning of a new decade (2000s), this Insight added another expansion of the Mind.

In 2011, the last book in the Celestine Series was published, THE TWELFTH INSIGHT. This book described another level of Consciousness we were reaching toward: The full realization of the self-evident Karmic design of the Universe, which revolves around giving. Giving is the great activator of a fortunate, productive, purposeful life – including reaching a secure, financial well-being in uncertain times.