Gut Health with Jenny Pandol, RN, CHHN, Certified Fermentationist

Gut Health with Jenny Pandol, RN, CHHN, Certified Fermentationist

In this episode we talked with Jenny Pandol about the importance of Gut Health… how to get our perfect gut balance, nutrition and fermentation, prebiotics & probiotics, dealing with chronic conditions and hospital acquired infections and so much more. Jenny believes in educating her clients on the importance of a balanced gut microbiome, eco-terrain, to prevent and heal from chronic health concerns. She uses evidence based protocols to help her clients optimize their health with her signature program, “The Eco-Gut Restoration Project.”

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Important mentions in this show:

  • In 1891 there were 7 known diseases and 12 known medicines derived from plants
  • Now there are over 10k legally named diseases & over 560k pharmaceutical drugs all made from toxins and with side effects.
  • Pharmaceutical industry now over a Trillion dollar industry.
  • 70-80% of our immune system is in our gut.
  • Jenny teaches us how to ferment foods like Kombucha
  • Learn what SCOBY is to start fermenting process
  • Can buy SCOBY at or
  • Anxiety is a symptom of poor gut health
  • Popular Prebiotic foods include:  Banana, Asparagus, Onion, Garlic, Dandelion greens
  • Jenny’s on-line class on how to make your own fermented foods at a fraction of the cost and with more probiotics in them.
  • VisBiome ProBiotic recommended for Ulcerative Colitis


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  1. Rare Earth:  I Just Want To Celebrate
  2. Zero 7:  Waiting Line
  3. Air:  New Star In The Sky
  4. Coldplay:  Yellow