Hiatus Dupp Brothers Show 30 Nov 2019

Ida Mae hosts the “Dupp Brothers” for a live concert in the Pearl Street Studios. Their hillbilly rock is a fine tribute to Cindy O’s last Radio Neighboring Show as she goes on a well deserved “hiatus” to be with grand baby Mckenzie. Sister Modine calls from the “Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon” in Texas to tell tales, girlfriends Leni and Bobby share stories of adventures with Ida Mae, a Kanuk with a hockey stick came from Canada to say how they listen to Radio Neighboring while firing pucks at the goalie, Tommy J recalls the amazing “Women’s March Rally” that Tequila Mockingbird put together a week before the event for more than 2,000 supporters, and John Ford works his wizardry to mix the Dupp Brother’s music just such.