Hidden Origins, Forgotten History with Michael Tellinger

Hidden Origins, Forgotten History with Michael Tellinger

There are many unsolved mysteries regarding humanity’s origins, migration and use of technology. Academics teach a specific timeline of human events, yet often ignore ancient artifacts and monolithic structures which defy that timeline. Michael Tellinger is one of the world’s top researchers regarding the origin and purpose of our species, and his provocative theories have rattled the world of archeology for years. Join us as we drop ever deeper into this mystery. Later in the show, Michael joins musical guests Gary Christmas and Bryan Phoenix for an impromptu and inspirational jam session!

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♫ Songs played during this show:

1)  Elton John:  Rocketman

2)  Live performance:  Michael Tellinger w/ Gary Christmas, Bryan Anthony Pheonix and Eric Rankin

3)  Steven Halpern:  Initiation – Inside the Great Pyramid

4) Wings: Let ’em In