Inner Journey with Greg Friedman and guest Devon Poer

Our guest on Inner Journey with Greg Friedman is Devon Poer and she describes herself as the starseed love child of Martha Stewart and Carl Sagan with some ‘Glinda the Good Witch’ mixed in.  She is a conscious style clairvoyant and we will find out what that means together.

Her life was moving along pretty well until my world shattered with the tragic death of Devon’s son’s father and soulmate in 2014, just two short months after their son was born. Devon had reached the lowest frequency she thought possible and was faced with a hard reality to give up completely or get help.  Devon experienced a divine moment early one morning that cracked her open and getting honest about my struggles with mental illness was my next step towards getting help.

In the process she found the courage to believe in herself, and explore ways to enhance her clairvoyant abilities beyond what I ever thought possible. Today, she helps spiritual entrepreneurs to overcome crap holding them back from having a successful business and life that they love, while working towards creating massive social transformation.

She is extremely passionate about the concept of Conscious Style, which is a movement aimed at bringing awareness to the emotional and environmental impact of consumer behavior, to improve the quality of life. Our environment and style is a reflection of our inner consciousness.