Inner Journey with Greg Friedman and Special Guests The Ghost Helpers

Greg welcomes Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne, “The Ghost Helpers” to Inner Journey.  Tina is a retired U.S. Navy Commander that has a twenty year career in the navy working for the submarine force and Laura is a retired educator who likes to say she started out as a “normal” person.
That preface is to establish a distinction between all of the “weirdos” out there and these two ladies.  Tina and Laura talk to the dead. Over the past few decades they have learned so much from the stories the dead have told them. Then they do one more thing: They cross them over. They never, ever let a ghostly soul languish in the 4th dimension.

A few years ago, Laura’s life took a serious detour. One of her daughters became rather psychic and could see and talk to ghosts. One day a ghost child came home with her daughter and refused to leave. The events that happened over the course of the next 18 months are the stuff of horror movies.

Wanting control over her situation, Laura began searching and studying to find the answers to help her family and, Annabelle, the ghost child. Laura also wanted to ensure the safety of her family from many other ‘unseen’ paranormal things. In her journey for help, she ended up meeting Tina Erwin.

Laura realized that there are many other parents seeking similar help in raising their own psychic children and dealing with metaphysical issues. Laura holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a retired school teacher.