Jesus And Wife Mary Magdalena? A Unique Perspective With Guest David Young

Jesus and wife Mary Magdalena? A Unique Perspective with guest David Young

Jesus and wife Mary Magdalena? In this episode, musician, artist and author David Young reveals a different interpretation of the life and death of Jesus. Citing both biblical and historical information, David builds a strong case that Jesus did not die on a cross in Israel, rather in a hidden cave in France, where he lived out the rest of his days with wife Mary Magdalena and daughter Sarah. David also treats us with some amazing live musical performances on recorder flutes, guitar and vocals.

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(All songs performed LIVE In-Studio by David Young)

1)  The Divine Transformation:  Solace CD

2)  A Rose Still Grows in the Desert:  Sounds from the Higher Consciousness Volume II CD

3)  Within You Without You: Cover

4)  Guinevere:  Renaissance CD