Leading a Spiritually Gifted Life with author Kerri Lake

Leading a Spiritually Gifted Life with author Kerri Lake

Being “spiritually gifted” is the simple but profound recognition that all of life, all of consciousness, is in communication. Everyone has the gift but each has their own level of awareness in this universal communion. In this podcast, Kerri Lake (author of “Spiritually Gifted”) will share many tips to help you expand into your spiritual gifts.

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Find our guest Kerri Lake’s newest book, “SPIRITUALLY GIFTED” on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1793129584

“Gifts of awareness are often said to be both a blessing and a curse.As a young child, Kerri Lake was aware. Communicating with animals and nature came naturally. Learning to navigate a world of human judgments and inconsistencies without losing her connection to love became her greatest challenge. Kerri’s candid narrative invites you right into her emotions, thoughts and experiences. Spiritually Gifted shares the logic of a gifted child illuminated with insights from later in life as Kerri grows into her ability to teach and guide. Through a lifetime of experience, she learns that the only distinction between a blessing and a curse is judgment of how comfortable we are with the outcomes.”

www.kerrilake.com —Feel Without Fear — Dissolve conflict between the mind and heart — You are evolving into higher consciousness. You are ready to walk in a new way, to live beyond old conflicts. You are supported by your innate connection with life, and the love that holds the world together.

♫ Songs featured in this show:

1)  FC/Kahuna: Hayling

2) Boards of Canada: Dayvan Cowboy

3) Shawn Gallaway: I Choose Love

4) Echophleks: Spring Vibes

5) Larisa Gosla: Where There Is Love


Leading a Spiritually Gifted Life with author Kerri Lake