MB Padfield – R2RR Ep. 36

Whats the difference between sobriety and recovery?  Singer songwriter MB Padfield joins host Wes Geer to tell her story and explain how when she got sober it was a very different time to when she actually entered recovery.  A self described weird and angry kid, she experienced bullying and struggled to have the coping mechanisms necessary.  Taking her first drink at 16, she had to sober up by the age of 18.  Her first year of sobriety was not an easy time for her and realizing there was a whole community of people out there that felt the same as her was a life changing moment.  She is now a proudly recovering alcoholic with 4 years sober and is active in the recovery community.  She’s passionate about Harley’s, fitness and bedazzling but also her work with those looking to achieve sobriety and recovery.