Open Water — August 10, 2017

does the vocal this week throw off a bit of a we-have-your-daughter-and-we-want-our-money vibe?  that’s what you get with a B-grade Guitar Center mic and a glass desk, and a room more suitable to shooting a YouTube video on how to bedazzle your prom dress, than it is to recording.  somebody get Marc Maron on the line.  also, new stuff from Car Seat Headrest, Ty Segall, Small Drag, B Boys and … leave the money in a sack behind the dumpster.  no cops!

Car Seat Headrest — War is Coming (If You Want It) (March Mix)  / B Boys — Sound Frequency / Outro (live from Secret Bathroom Studio)  / Ty Segall — Dust  / Passion Pit — Hey K  / Baths — Dream Daddy  / Coca Leaf — Riding Ice  / Honey — Dream Come Now  / Julie & The Wrong Guys — You Wanted What I Wanted  / Small Drag — Milk  / Havah — L’accettazione  / Decorum — Spirit Host  / Umm — Idiot Child  / Beaches — Void  / Club Night — Rally  / See Through Dresses — Light in August