Open Water — July 26, 2018

new noise from Ovlov, Mike Krol, Chastity, Slang, Data, Former Member… some vinyl purloined at the finest SoCal wax emporiums, and weather more or less on the 12-and-a-halfs.  it’s a living.

Ovlov Spright  /  Mike Krol An Ambulance  /  Ty Segall & White Fence Body Behavior  /  The Jesus and Mary Chain Surfin USA  /  Wild Pink Burger Hill  /  Floating Room Lie  /  Chastity Scary (edit)  /  Bodega Name Escape (edit)  /  Data Heart So Sad  /  Slang Warm Enough  /  Champagne Superchillin’ Armee du Salut  /  Oh Sees C  /  Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Starbird  /  Flasher Sun Come and Golden  /  Game Theory  The Waist and the Knees  /  Rat Scabies Chew on You  /  Former Member Double Scoop of Trouble (Looking For a Cone)  /  The Spits Tonight  /  Billy Moon I W K  /  Grapetooth Violent  /  Smokescreens Used to Yesterday  /  The Bats — Take It  /  Sean Henry The Ants  /  Once and Future Band Hide & Seek  /  Grinderman Go Tell the Women  /  Human Sexual Response — Anne Frank Story  /  Guadalcanal Diary — Litany (Life Goes On)