Open Water — October 12, 2017

is it obvious it’s pre-recorded?  is the immediacy not there?  the timely social commentary a bit off-kilter, like a psychic trying desperately to train focus?  no matter — it’s all been prepped & ziplocked for your listening pleasure.  Robert Palmer once said “maybe it’s live.”  well maybe it’s not.  new Ubu & NE-HI, some shrinking Oakland post-punk and some fatalistic Detroit post-punk.  Brainiac lives!

Shopping — The Hype  The World — Hot Shopper  NE-HI — Rattled and Strange  The Church — A Face in a Film  Luna — Most of the Time  Luna — A Place of Greater Safety  Pere Ubu — Funk 49  Brainiac — V1nc3nt Com3 On Down  Protomartyr — Caitriona  Hard Girls — Camera  Haunted Summer — Every Step  The Liminanas — Istanbul is Sleepy (feat. Anton Newcombe)  Holiday Ghosts — Walk for Hours  The Go-Betweens — I Just Get Caught Out  Peter Matthew Bauer — Full Moon in the Sky  Ted Leo — Moon Out of Phase