7th ANNIVERSARY SHOW – The Oracle Method with April Fontana

The Oracle Method with April Fontana

IN THIS SHOW we’re celebrating 7 YEARS on the air! In the studio is guest, April Fontana — Laguna local, clairvoyant and energy surgeon.  Tune in as April performs healings on the air and learn more about The Oracle Method @ theoraclehealer.com

FROM OUR GUEST: “I was born and raised in Upstate New York and later made moved to California. I love the Arts, dance, and the unknown like popping in and out of dimensions. My mother is one of my spirit guides so I enjoy visiting with her, as well as talking to trees and animals. I remember being born. I was born feeling everything and realized I was different the very first day. I was always a nervous kid and I didn’t know why. When I turned about 5 years old I was able to hear what my family was thinking and that’s when I realized why I was nervous because I was so sensitive.

“I am extremely telepathic and astro travel a lot. There are 13 different kinds of empaths and I am all of them including Clairvoyant and other Clairs. I am multi-dimensional and see into parallel lives. I have even been referred toas an Alchemist. After watching 5 people I hold close to heart pass away within a 6 month period, all of whom had a misdiagnosed illness, I wanted to help heal as many people and pets as possible. That’s when I created The Oracle Method. I call myself a clairvoyant distant energy surgeon because I can see through the body and the mind and correct things in a similar way of a surgeon only more intense. The results of my work is immediate and a session using The Oracle Method has been said to be life-changing.” — April Fontana


♪ Songs featured on this show:

1)  Tina Turner:  Peace Chant in 432

2)  Michael Franti & Spearhead:  Bomb the World

3)  Nina Simone:  Feeling Good

4)  Jem:  On Top of the World

5)  Shimshai:  I Sense Your Presence


The Oracle Method with April Fontana