Quantum Speak: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Quantum Speak: with Goldyn Duffy

How would the world look if every one of us realized we are all connected to the stream of All That Is and we have access to Infinite Intelligence? This show is perfectly timed to delve into Cosmic Consciousness with simple tools to manifest our hearts desires as we speak with Goldyn Duffy, coach and author of Quantum Speak, Igniting the Fire within. Goldyn is the co-founder of the M21 Revolution Community, a group of online co-creators interested in living life to its greatest potential.

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Quantum Speak: Ignite the Fire Within Paperback by Goldyn Duffy

♫ Songs featured on this show:

  • Earth, Wind & Fire: September
  • Shea Freedom: Turn the Page
  • Xavier Rudd: Honeymoon Bay
  • Freedom Tribe: Free As A Bird from ALIVE ~ LIVE


Quantum Speak: with Goldyn Duffy