Steve Albini Show

In this episode of “College. Art. Radio.” (CAR), CAR host Mike Stice plays an hour’s worth of music by songs engineered by legendary musician, producer and sound engineer, Steve Albini.

Pixies, “Wave of Mutilation” 3:02

Superchunk, “Florida’s On Fire” 2:54
Jarvis Cocker, “Tonite” 3:56
Nina Nastasia, “All Your Life “ 3:45

The Breeders, “Off You” 4:57
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, “East Hastings” 3:23
Joanna Newsom, “On a Good Day” 1:49

The Frames, “Star Star” 3:58
Low, “Just Make It Stop” 4:09
Kim Deal, “Walking With A Killer” 4:28

Fleshtones, “The Dreg” 3:09
Labradford, “Soft Return” 3:28
PJ Harvey, “Down by the Water “ 3:04

Kim Deal, “Dirty Hessians” 4:35
Dirty Three,
“I Remember a Time
When Once You Used to Love Me” 6:09