The Dr. Kim Sage Show. Do You Need Intensive Mental Health Treatment?

Do you need intensive mental health treatment?

How and when can an intensive outpatient program be helpful?

On this week’s show, Dr. Kim Sage welcomes expert guest Dr. Lesley Tate-Gould, Executive Director of Lido Wellness Center, an intensive mental health partial hospitalization, and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), in Newport Beach, CA.

What is the difference between “normal therapy” and an intensive program?

What are the signs that more intensive mental health treatment might be helpful?

Listen to this week’s live show and podcast to learn more about intensive mental health treatment options and more!

Dr. Kim Sage, is a licensed clinical psychologist (#29089) in Newport Beach, helping kids and adults heal and thrive through mental mental challenges:

Dr. Lesley Tate-Gould and Lido Wellness Center: