The Real McCoy Radio Show 1/12/20 Bowie selected by my friends MKR GS

All songs on this podcast by the genius that is David Bowie selected by my good friends

I get first choice / D.J. (I Am What I Play)

Steve Reid / Panic in Detroit

Frankie  Vu – Kevin Burleigh / China Girl

Joe Blake – Marco Guarino / Drive In Saturday

Billy Sloan – Kit Cummings / Lazarus

Johnny Cao – Jim Semple / Under Pressure

Dan Ballard – Ioan Jones / Heroes

Miss Kindness Rebecca / As The World Falls Down

Liam O’Mahony / Sound and Vision

Ivy Hunter / Prettiest Star

Jimmy Alvarez / Rebel Rebel

Ged Malone / Time

Korda Marshall / London Boys

Davey Bryce / Moonage Daydream

Jim Kerr / Jean Genie

Jamie Zekofsky / Fantastic Voyage

Miss Kindness Rebecca – Austin Stuart HanlinThe Man Who Sold The World

Paul Buchanan  / I Can’t Give Everything Away

Erick Esquivel Escalante / Warszawa

Favio Esquivel Escalante / Heathen

I get the last pick / Be My Wife

Shout outs to Dennis Ives  / Ben Wellenback / Johnny Goudie