THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm

THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm

In this show, we welcome authors, filmmakers and futurists, Connie Baxter Marlow & Andrew Cameron Bailey discussing their book, “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumption for a New Paradigm”.

“The choice to move into the Trust Frequency triggers a shift to a higher state of Being. Once we learn to access this state of peace, love, beauty and abundance, we find ourselves operating at a completely different vibratory rate, where the laws and rules are different. Wisdom, prosperity and enlightenment are the order of the day. How do we get there? We shift our consciousness. How do we do that? We change our minds. It’s that simple. We upgrade our fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality, act according to our inner knowing, and our world changes accordingly. It’s an infinitely more beautiful Universe than we ever suspected. Since we can choose our own reality, let us create a life of grace and ease, abundance, beauty and balance. “

ABOUT THE BOOK: “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm” is a visionary, uplifting synthesis of quantum science, Eastern mysticism, indigenous wisdom and plain common sense. This practical self-help, personal-development handbook guides us through the next phase of our personal evolution and sets us firmly on the high road to happiness. Accessing “The Trust Frequency” triggers a very powerful upgrade to our individual and collective operating system.” [review via Amazon]

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