Water Women Wisdom with LaVonne Rees and Jane Reading

Water Women Wisdom with LaVonne Rees and Jane Reading

LaVonne Rees and Jane Reading are women who followed the promptings of Spirit as they have been guided into a path of earth and water healing. In these times of change, they offer hopeful perspectives. The willingness to trust inner guidance led them to understand the importance of choosing to live in relationship with the Earth. Jane and LaVonne have each connected with aspects of consciousness within the natural world that informs a new vision for restoring the planet. Their insights and tools will help you see yourself and the world in new ways. They expand on the significance of intention and why now is the best time to master the right use of energy. Empowered by open and loving hearts, anyone can engage in the alchemy needed to bring balance to our environment.

LaVonne has created a community in Long Beach holding local ceremonies, and travels the country connecting with the spirits of the land and water to ask how she can be of service. Her website is WaterConvergence.com

Jane teaches workshops that deepen our connection to water, both within our bodies and in the world. She has been offering healing ceremonies for water for over 20 years and has sponsored a New Moon Water Blessing Meditation monthly since 2002. Her website is WaterTransformations.com. 

♫ Songs played on this show:

1)  Alan Parsons:  Mammagamma

2)  Alan Parsons:  When I’m Old and Wise

3)  Eric & Ryan Rankin:  Sonic Geometry Kings List Dance Track

4)  David Young:  Choose Love

5)  Alan Parsons:  Time


Water Women Wisdom with LaVonne Rees & Jane Reading