What Does It Take?

Lookin to hit the road? Yay? Nay? It don’t matter, this hour of tracks will take you where you need to go… regardless of where that is.
1: Shahram Shabpareh – Prison Song
2: Emitt Rhodes – Long Time No See
3: Saitana – Baby Dont go
4: Pete Molinari – I Don’t Like The Man That I Am
5: Major Arcana – Back In The Spirit
6: Al Kooper & Shuggie Otis – Lookin’ For A Home
7: Dickey Betts & Vassar Clements – Pony Boy
8: David Crosby – Cowboy Movie
9: Tony Joe White – What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
10: Curtis Mayfield – Billy Jack
11: Dick Stusso – Modern Music
12: INO hidefumi & Jean Touitou – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue