WYMHM 7-21-15 Show #15

Listen in for the new & notable (and often air-wave breaking) international music from the Indie/Alt rock and pop scene from around the globe.

July 21st 2015 ~ Show #15

UNSAID – flor (los angeles)
WYOMING – family and friends (athens, georgia)
BLACK SKELETON – jenny broke the window (sydney, australia)
WATERFALLS – bag raiders (sydney, australia)
IN YOUR ARMS – take two (singapore, southeast asia)
HIDEAWAY – kyko (south london, england)
JULIA – al bairre (cape town, south africa)
BETTER – coin (nashville, tennessee)
GONE – jr jr (detroit, michigan)
BURIED IN THE GROUND – yeast (lyon, france)
THE TALE OF CASSANDRA – larkins (manchester, england)
JUST OUR STYLE – wayfarers (los angeles/nyc)
SKELETON – sixties future (buffalo, new york)
FLAWED – run tiger run (liverpool, england)

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Thanks for tuning in!