WYMHM 7-7-15 Show #13

Listen in for the new & noteable from the Indie/Alt rock and pop scene from around the globe.

What You Might Have Missed – 2hr Show!
July 7th 2015

Anywhere You Go – buddy
Sister Of Pearl – Baio
Let The Night Fall – dragonette
Pressure Off – duran duran
Faster Than Light – duran duran
Elevate – st. lucia
Anywhere We Go – kaptan
Rescue – echo & the bunnymen
Day In June – kid astray
Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated – get inuit
Be My Kind – little bastard
Never Give In – mackintosh braun
Heartless – color palette
Age Of Consent – new order
Outcast – mainland
Los Angeles – parisian pass
Red Eye – pollimer
Young Clover – quiet hounds
No Enemy – roadkill ghost choir
Under The Makeup – a-ha
Hunting High & Low – a-ha
Stay – say say
What Am I Doing Here? – sons of rico
Home Alone – summer skin search party
Rayban Party – the death of pop
Come Dancing – the kinks
In Motion – the lighthouse and the whaler
Lust – vynce

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Thanks for tuning in!