WYMHM 8-11-15 Show #18

Listen in for the new & notable (and often air-wave breaking) international music from the Indie/Alt rock and pop scene from around the globe.

August 11th 2015 ~ Show #18

I WOKE UP IN A DREAM – les big byrd (stockholm, sweden)
BEGGING ME TO COME BACK – compny (south london, england)
YOUNG – air review (dallas, texas)
GIVE UP – glacier pacific (leeds, uk)
START AGAIN – the slow readers club (manchester, england)
EVERYTHING – kaptan (nashville, tennessee)
WAVES – lusts (leicester, england)
I’M NOT YOURS – pure youth (ealing/london, england)
SAD KID – screaming peaches (london, england)
CAMILO (THE MAGICIAN) – said the whale (vancouver, canada)
LIE BACK – shy nature (liverpool, england)
BICYCLE GIRL – the rotaries (nyc, new york)
CLOUDFEST – dexters (london, england)
BRAINS – cannons (tel aviv, israel)
SHINE A LIGHT – banners (liverpool, england)

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