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KX Takeover 100

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Product Description

KX Takeover is an on-air pledge drive … our way! We give the airwaves to members
of the community to host their own guest show and compete to raise money for
our non-profit radio station. The winner wins our coveted Silver Tongue Award!
From musicians to business owners to the mayor, no one is left out.

Listen March 25-29 on 93.5 FM or online to hear each guest hosts’ carefully-curated programs.

You can pledge below to help your favorite host win the trophy. We’ll also accept pledges on the phone during each hosts’ show at 949-715-4859.

Additional Information

Guest Host

Tyler & Monica, Ed Steinfeld, Bobby Rich, Dr. Vivian Stein DDS, Alyssa Hayek, Julie Laughton, Heidi Miller, John Ford, Brian and Kristen Lewis, Matt Balaker, Keith Magnussen, Team Hobie, Liz McCusker, Lisa Farber, Ernest Hackmon, Sue Kempf, John Church & Friends, Dr. Kim Sage, Obrand Law Group, Sgt Jim Cota/Shaena Stabler, Sourced Collective, Cookie Lee, Tom Joliet, Kevin’s Beach, Steve Reid, Pei Yen/Kevin Flaherty, Toni Iseman, Awakening Code, Peter Blake, Dylan Rouda, Billy Fried, Austin Trask, Brandy Faber, NextGen, Greg MacGillivray, Inner Journey & Walking for Water, Taylor Pillsbury, Frank and Krista Arellano, Health in Balance, Ben Siegel, Jerry Price, Jeff Redecker, Bruce Virga and Laguna 24 Poker Group, Scott Sanchez, Nikki Bostwick, Bob and Kirsten Whalen, Laguna Beach Beer Company, Brenden Hexberg/Nia Evans/Chris Walthall