Each week, our General Manager Tyler Russell picks his favorite tune.

This week, we’re throwing the honors to Los Angeles-based Mt. Joy with “Dirty Love” off the debut self-titled album released March 2nd.

This band has wowed us in the past with their simple style that they elevate to new heights with meaningful lyrics and interesting genre combos (See “Astrovan” and “Sheep” and check out our in-studio feature of them here. 

“Dirty Love” is a good example of the band’s genre-bending rock, as they’ve manage to re-purpose the ukulele into a multi-layered, complex tune. The lyrics take it to an even deeper level, addressing mental health in both romantic and family relationships while being exposed to a music career.

Mt. Joy is comprised of Philadelphians Quinn and guitarist Sam met in high school and have been performing together since 2005. Through college, the two went their separate ways but continued to stay in touch, finally forming Mt. Joy in 2016.

Mt. Joy describes their new album as something that everyone can interpret in their own way, and “Dirty Love” was one of the first songs that they wrote for it.