About Us

Who We Are

KX FM (KXRN-LP 104.7) was founded October 15, 2012 in Laguna Beach, CA. Since then, the KX FM full-time staff and more than 100 volunteers aim to create radio that is meaningful, locally-oriented, and focused on music discovery. KX FM is Human Crafted Radio.

Mission Statement

KX FM aims to lead the rebirth of FM radio, enriching our listeners with the discovery of alternative music, views, and culture that elevates Laguna Beach on a global scale.


Locally-focused FM radio is vital to a community.

Value Statements

  • We believe our audience can be connected through a local radio station that immerses itself into the arts, culture, events, and music of a community.
  • We believe talented, under-recognized musicians deserve exposure, and we strive to be a resource for them.
  • We believe that our audience is witty, intelligent, and sophisticated in their musical taste. We aim to entertain at a level that exceeds that of commercial radio.
  • Responsiveness, availability, and communication are a priority for our staff and volunteers.
  • We are dedicated to developing the talents of on-air hosts, student interns, and special needs volunteers.
  • We strive to bring people together through real-time, live announcing about local news, weather, traffic, and emergency preparedness.

Get Involved

Board Members

Liz McCusker– President

Jerry Price – Director

Jonathan Katz – Director

Thomas Carpenter – Director

Jim Click – Director

Tyler Russell – Director

Community Advisory Board

Hasty Honarkar

Mo Honarkar

Julie Laughton

JJ Ballesteros

Bruce Virga

John Church

Michelle Anderson

Chris Tebbutt

Brittany Ryan

Cindy Obrand

Hilton Weinberg

Leslie Weaver

Diane Lijestrom

Ann Wareham

Mark Christy

Download the 2017 Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Download the 2018 Laguna Radio Inc Audited Financial Statement

Download the 2018 Laguna Radio Inc FSR for CPB

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