On Friday, June 23, the Constellation Room at the Observatory OC gave the stage to an extraordinary display of musical talent by the psychedelic rock band Post Animal. The band’s performance exuded incomparable energy, effortlessly balancing a serene calmness with fervent chaos that left the audience captivated.


Post Animal showed off the absolute mastery of their genre, each of their songs tapping into a different aspect of this unique form of rock. “When I Get Home” used a medley of rising synths and crashing cymbals along with the intermittent guitar to create an extremely chill and otherworldly vibe that entirely overpowered anything else going on in the room. “Aging Forest”, on the other hand, was composed mostly of brash guitar and booming drums, exemplifying the diversity of their music and creating a much more upbeat atmosphere.


The band’s ability to command the crowd was striking, made clear by the synchronized bobbing heads and swaying shoulders that swept through the venue. The skillful utilization of lighting and color played an unforgettable role in their performance, with contrasting hues emanating from both the front and back of the stage, effectively highlighting the band’s presence amidst the music.


Post Animal’s seamless fusion of mellow and chaotic elements not only demonstrated their unparalleled talent but also highlighted their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft. Their performance at the Constellation Room was nothing short of mesmerizing, transporting the audience to an alternate dimension where the power of music reigns supreme.




Words by Gavin O’Neill & Photos by Molly Riehle