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The Fuzz Show Under The Covers Vol. 2

There’s nothing better than hearing alternate versions of your favorite track. Here’s part two in an ongoing series of covers that stand the test of time. Nothing beats the original, but other interpretations are not to be overlooked. I’m sure if he were still alive, Leonard Cohen would agree when it comes to his Hallelujah song. Sidenote: Hallelujah is not featured on this episode. Not sure why I mentioned it, but hey, it felt right.
1: Wilson Pickett – Mama Told Me Not To Come
2: The Poets of Rhythm – No Time To Wallow In The Myrrh
3: Terry Reid – Bang Bang
4: The Litter – Codine
5: The Concretes – Miss You
6: Charley Crockett – After Laughter
7: Dutch Rhythm, Steel & Show Band – Down By The River
8: The Equatics – Ain’t No Sunshine
9: Lee Moses – Hey Joe
10: Eric Mercury – Hurdy Gurdy Man
11: Aretha Franklin – The Weight
12: The Staple Singers – Masters Of War
13: Ella Fitzgerald – Sunshine Of Your Love
14: Dion – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue Read more

mike tingley - the fuzz

Awwwwwwww yeah! Here’s this week’s fresh episode, hoping it brings you some tunes to abide by. This type of show, although there’s no real theme, turns out to be the best kind of show. Sit back and dive deep.
1: David Vandervelde – Nothin’ No
2: Eddie Current Suppression Ring – Memory Lane
3: Madeleine Chartrand – J’ai Du Bon Tabac
4: Timothy Eerie – She Talks To Mushrooms
5: Link Wray – Fallin’ Rain
6: Little Wings – Boom!
7: The Liminanas ft Etienne Daho – One Blood Circle
8: Youth Lagoon – I’ve Seen
9: Mike Tingley – Monotony’s Message
10: Kelley Stoltz – Put That In Your Pipe
11: Pollution – How Does It Feel
12: Peter Bardens – I Don’t Want To Go Home Read more

Man, I gotta say, I appreciate you all. It should be no surprise that a show named The Fuzz is a fan of feedback. Let’s get into this week’s episode, hopefully it’s good enough to get you through the next two weeks, I’ll be gone next week, backpacking deep into some off the grid territory, so take this opportunity to dive into some past episodes you may have not listened to yet… I promise they’re all worth it.
1: Omega – Gyongyhaju Iany (see, I told you I wouldn’t be able to pronounce that)
2: Television Personalities – Silly Girl
3: David Nance – Pure Evil
4: Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (1975 CBS Demo)
5: Simply Saucer – Bullet Proof Nothing
6: The Chills – Pink Frost
7: The Strange Boys – Should Have Shot Paul
8: Ought – Beautiful Blue Sky
9: Hidden Fees – So What
10: Conspiracy of Owls – A Silver Song
11: The Soft Boys – I Wanna Destroy You
12: Velvet Underground – I’m Not A Young Man Anymore (Live 1967) Read more

This week’s episode will take you for a ride, I promise. Finally spliced in some blues again, I feel like I’ve been neglecting the genre for a bit. Think of this one as a prelude to some more themed shows, I’m kinda feelin’ a follow up to a covers show soon… But enough about that, let’s dive into this one, lots to sink your ear teeth into. Happy podcasting.
1: Geoff & Maria Muldaur – Brazil
2: Tim Maia – Brother, Father, Sister, Mother
3: The Beginning of the End – When She Made Me Promise
4: Relatively Clean Rivers – They Know What To Say
5: Kurt Vile w/ The Sadies – Baby’s Arms
6: Chambers Brothers – I Wish It Would Rain
7: Damnation of Adam Blessing – Morning Dew
8: Eric Mercury – Long Way Down
9: The Black Keys – Have Mercy On Me
10: The Groundhogs – Groundhog
11: Boogarins – Paul
12: Eric Mercury – Earthless Read more

Took me a bit to get this one up, so in essence you can consider this a bonus episode… after this one there’s another freshie right up in your queue.
1: Lee Dorsey – Little Baby
2: Human Race – Grey Boy
3: Robert Wyatt – Heaps of Sheeps
4: Michael Chapman – Thunderbird Lodge
5: The Band – Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Version)
6: Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line
7: Caravan – Golf Girl
8: J.J. Cale – Cherry
9: Elia y Elizabeth – Descripcion
10: Chakachas – Stories
11: Maxine Weldon – Like A Rolling Stone
12: The Sonics – Find Myself Another Girl
13: William Onyeabor – Ride On Baby Read more

the fuzz - the wild kindness

Lots of emotions packed into this episode, all good ones though, I know you’ll dig. Some really rad alternate takes and demos strung through this one…
1: Pete Drake – The Spook
2: Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Macho
3: Brian Jonestown Massacre – Food For Clouds
4: Ty Segall – Feel
5: Delicate Steve – Tattered
6: Silver Jews – The Wild Kindness
7: Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool
8: Tim Buckley – Pleasant Street
9: Gene Clark – Silver Raven (Version 2)
10: Songs: Ohia – Farewell Transmission (Demo)
11: Jackson C Frank – Blues Run The Game
12: THEM – Don’t Look Back
13: Sunny & The Sunliners – Should I Take You Home Read more

Take a trip down a lo-fi road this week. A (too) short n sweet tribute to Daniel Johnston mixed with some vintage Italian soundtrack vibes and some other Fuzz fixins.
1: Piero Piccioni – Psychedelic Mood
2: The Factory – Path Through The Forest
3: Daniel Johnston – Grievances
4: Sic Alps – Cement Surfboard
5: Dylan Moon – Rosy
6: WAND – Blue Cloud
7: Tony Hazzard – Listen To Me
8: Boomgates – Flood Plains
9: The Hooterville Trolley – No Silver Bird
10: Piero Piccioni – Charms
11: Los Pintar – Bad Thoughts
12: Major Arcana – Deanna Durbin Blues
13: Beck – True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover)
14: Purling Hiss – Run From The City
15: Bernard Chabert – Helga Selzer Read more

Lots to dig into this week. From vintage West Indies Funk to some new tracks from LA… Can you just trust me? It’s a lot to ask, but I think you can do it. Turn it up, please.
1: Original Tropicana Steel Band – Ain’t No Sunshine
2: Soul Emotions & Co. – It’s Time For Love
3: Ramsey Lewis – Rocky Raccoon
4: Trinidad & Tobago Steel All Stars – Do Your Thing
5: Bob & Tru Tones – Don’t Blame This Joint
6: Marcia Griffiths – Here I AM (Come And Take Me)
7: Marvin Gaye – I Hear It Through The Grapevine (A Capella)
8: Brian Jonestown Massacre – My Mind Is Filled With Stuff
9: Mystic Braves – Ponte Bajo El Sol
10: The Skiffle Players – Los Angeles Alleyway
11: Wand – Rio Grande
12: Sam Evian – Health Machine
13: Dead Moon – I Hate The Blues
14: T Rex – Childlike Men
15: Thee Oh Sees – Snickersee
16: Giant Moth – The Sunday Song
17: The Velvet Underground – Little Jack Read more