Big Sonic Experience


Big Sonic Experience

I’m Meeks (aka. David Meekma, but nobody has called me that since I was like 5 years old) I’m your host for my show Big Sonic Experience. This is a show about the power of music.  I’m originally a Midwesterner who was only exposed to pop and classic rock stations that is, until college. Within two months I became obsessed with alternative music. In those days you had to dig through alternative record store bins, listen to college radio or watch 120 minutes. Needless to say, I never listened to Van Halen again.

I will put together specialty shows highlighting all the different genres of music labelled “alternative”.  Look for great shows with Cool Remixes, Obscure Covers, Bands with Dead Guys, Goth, Shoegaze, Trip Hop, Psych Rock, Britpop, Grunge and anything else that musically pushes the limits of both creativity and sound.

It’s all about the music; as it should be.

Join me for a Big Sonic Experience Tuesdays evenings from 7:00- 8:00 KX FM 104.7 FM.