Jason Feddy


Jason Feddy

Jason Feddy was born in the city of Leeds, in the UK. He left school at 16 and, after a couple of years drifting around Europe and the Middle East, returned to England and joined a rock ‘n roll band as a singer and guitar player. Going solo as a singer/songwriter soon after, he spent the next couple of decades touring and making albums, acquiring a loyal following along the way.  He tours in Europe regularly to this day & has written songs for film & TV. “Music is my friend and my therapist,” he says!

Before settling in Laguna in 2000, Jason had been visiting these shores annually to visit his Dad.

“Laguna has been a home to me for as long as I can remember,” he says. I love being part of the community, which has been so generous to me in so many ways. My show will definitely reflect that, with lots of local content.”

As a Brit, Jason has a full-grown sense of irony & the ridiculous. “Let’s have some fun here and not take ourselves too seriously! People work hard & I hope I can help them bounce thru the day. I want my show on KX FM 104.7 to be fun & a bit thought provoking. Maybe stir up a conversation for people at the water fountain. Most of all, I hope the music and chat will be something you want as the sonic backdrop to your day, while you work, walk or drive around town. Call or email me during the show with your funny stories, comments & requests or just to get something off your chest. I’m a listener too!