Tune In” is a campaign to create awareness and understanding of issues connecting Laguna Beach and our community. Each month, we bring you a new topic of public interest. Arts, tourism, ocean conservation, pedestrian safety, teen drug use, etc. We’ll discuss the issue, its history, and what you can do to stay involved. We would love to hear what issues are important to YOU in Laguna. Please join our Facebook group to contribute to the discussion.

July’s topic: Arts

Sponsored by: Laguna College of Art and Design 

High school students from WAVE explain each and every proposition.

Three women from WAVE host today’s show about WHY it’s important to vote.

With Tony Iseman as the only incumbent, Laguna’s City Council will see a new lineup. Make your vote count this November 6th!

The large majority of Laguna’s eligible population doesn’t participate in citywide elections.

A proposed 1% increase in sales taxes could move utility lines underneath Laguna Canyon Road, making the Canyon safer for everyone.

OC voter turnout has been historically low the past few elections. Can that trend change this November?

Three women from WAVE host today’s show about voter participation, especially among youth.

A history of the Pageant of the Masters’ narrator Skip Conover, who just passed June 15.