Tune In” is a campaign to create awareness and understanding of issues connecting Laguna Beach and our community. Each month, we bring you a new topic of public interest. Arts, tourism, ocean conservation, pedestrian safety, teen drug use, etc. We’ll discuss the issue, its history, and what you can do to stay involved. We would love to hear what issues are important to YOU in Laguna. Please join our Facebook group to contribute to the discussion.

July’s topic: Arts

Sponsored by: Laguna College of Art and Design 

A brief history and behind-the-scenes of Pageant of the Masters, including this year’s theme.

As Laguna’s artist population ages, who is here to pick up the torch?

Some facts and figures on Laguna’s demographics in the art scene.

The men and women behind the booths at Sawdust.

The facts surrounding Art-a-Fair’s new mural facade and some public opinion.

The facts surrounding “Light Beam” the temporary piece of public art that went up in front of City Hall, including comments from City Arts Manager Sian Poeschl.

Highlights of some notable pieces of public art and how to submit your own.

The history and purpose of public art in Laguna Beach