“My Cheating Heart” is the newest and first single to be released by the group Love Fame Tragedy, founded by The Wombats frontman Matthew Murphy. While the Wombats are a well established group, Murphy wanted to create a side project of his own that reflected his own vision.

“My Cheating Heart” is a fast-paced mash up of acoustic and electric guitars, combined with synth and electronic drum beats. It teeters on the line of both pop and rock sounds, following the trend of crossovers and mash-ups that seem to be taking over the charts right now. Murphy pulled musicians from all different backgrounds for this project, including members of The Pixies and Pearl Jam, as well as lesser-known younger artists. In “My Cheating Heart” Murphy declares over power chords that he “Wants it all”, followed by backup vocals confirming he has a “cheating heart”. This song is a refreshing change from what we typically hear from The Wombats, and feels like a step in the right direction for Murphy. “My Cheating Heart” is a refreshing, catchy song that is definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of The Wombats.