“It’s actually a funny story. When my daughter was born, my partner and I were considering different names for her, and one of the options was Mirabelle. However, we didn’t end up choosing that name. So, I decided to use it for myself instead.”

The EP “Flickering Lights” is the result of the boundless creativity and resilience of Laurence, who goes by the name Mirabelle. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought with it numerous challenges and restrictions, Mirabelle was able to tap into her creativity and produce a remarkable work that demonstrates her ingenuity and perseverance.

For two years, Mirabelle wrote the songs for “Flickering Lights” in an unconventional location – her bathroom in Montreal. With schools closed and everyone at home, Mirabelle would take advantage of any spare moment she could find, telling her daughter that she was going to the “studio” for half an hour. Her studio, with its heated floors, became a haven where she would escape with her guitar and cats to write songs every day.

The writing process was unlike anything Mirabelle had experienced before. It helped her cope with the anxiety triggered by the pandemic and provided a way to express herself through the lyrics. Mirabelle poured her heart and soul into crafting the songs, determined to do justice to the music and feel proud of the end product. Although the EP is not a direct reflection of the pandemic, it was undoubtedly shaped by the circumstances that surrounded its creation.

In “Flickering Lights,” Mirabelle explores themes that are deeply personal to her, particularly in the song “Acid Rain,” where she expresses a longing for wide open spaces that harkens back to her childhood and hometown. The nostalgia evoked by the music transports the listener back to simpler times before the constant connectivity of cell phones and the internet.

Growing up, music was a constant presence in Mirabelle’s life, thanks to her parents. Although no one in her family was a professional musician, her dad played the guitar and they listened to music together. Her love for music deepened during her teenage years when she discovered grunge bands like Nirvana, which helped her learn English. Singing became her passion during high school, providing a sense of belonging and purpose that she had not experienced before.

Mirabelle’s journey to finding her voice and creating music that aligns with her artistic vision was a long and winding road. She started her musical career singing in French and released two records under her own name. However, she eventually felt the need to explore a new direction, leading to the creation of the record “Late Bloomer” under the stage name Mirabelle in early 2020. This new direction allowed her to create music in English that reflected her true artistic intentions. Mirabelle is proud of her decision to follow her creative impulses and stay true to herself, resulting in music that she is immensely proud of.

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Words by Pia Ramos