Austin-based “alt-pop” duo Me Nd Adam is KX FM’s Artist of the Week!

We asked the Texan two-piece to share one of their favorite recipes and they provided us with instructions on how to make their own Honey Old Bay Smoked Nd Fried Chicken Wings. 


This recipe is time and love intensive, but when we’ve got a whole weekend on our hands,
these are our go-to wings. Please make a lot and enjoy them with friends and family.




3 Dozen Wings (We prefer ‘em on the smaller size i.e. Bell & Evans Organic Chicken Wings)

2 Tbsp Black Pepper 

2 Tbsp Salt 

2 Tbsp Baking Powder 

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder 

Paper Towels 

1 Large Baking Sheet 

Veggies (Celery, Carrot- optional) 

Bleu Cheese or Ranch 

Water Pan: 

2 Bay Leaves (optional) 

Whole Black Peppercorns (optional) 

1/2 Lemon (optional) 

12OZ Light beer (optional) 

4 Garlic cloves (optional) 


4 Tbsp Butter 

¼ Cup Frank’s Red Hot 

2 Tbsp Honey 

2 Tbsp Sriracha 

2 Tbsp Old Bay 

Equipment for Smoking: 

Grill (We use a standard Weber) 

Oak Wood Chips 

Charcoal Trays (For indirect heat – Optional) 

Small metal bowl 

Charcoal (We prefer lump oak) 

Equipment for Frying: 

Large Pot (For frying) 

1 Gallon of peanut oil 

Food Thermometer


Step 1: Dry brine the Wings.

Thoroughly dry the wings with paper towels and place on a baking sheet.

Mix salt, pepper, baking powder, and garlic powder and evenly coat the wings.

Place uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours. 


Step 2: Prepare your grill for smoking.

Soak Oak wood chips in water for 30 minutes.

Light charcoal, filling ¼ far side of grill with hot coals.

Add wood chips.

Bring wings to room temperature, evenly space wings across grill, cover.

Keep the heat around 225 Fahrenheit by adding additional coals and opening and closing vents.

Periodically add more soaked oak chips to keep a constant level of smoke.

When the wings reach 165F, you are finished; this will take about 3-4 hours. 


Step 3: Prepare sauce.

Mix Franks Red Hot, Honey, Sriracha and Old Bay.

Pour the mixture into a blender and then slowly add butter to create an emulsified sauce.

This can also be done using an immersion blender or food processor. 


Step 4: Cut up some veggies…or don’t.


Step 5: Chill with buddies and beers. Get some snacks. 


Step 6: Fry wings: Place frying oil (preferably peanut) into a large pot.


Bring to 350-375 degrees and fry your wings in batches until crispy (about 3-6 minutes). 


Step 7: Place wings in a bowl and add enough sauce to them to cover all the nooks and crannies.

Don’t over sauce or they’ll get soggy. 


Step 8: Enjoy.