Danish pop singer-songwriter Tim Schou is KX FM’s Artist of the Week!

We asked the platinum-selling artist to share a recipe he loves to make and he sent us instructions on how to make a spectacular cereal treat. 




Raw Cocoa Powder


Cooking Time: approx. 3 minutes









  1. First you take a deep plate (important that it’s deep), then you take your oats and fill the plate up to right before the edge.

  2. Then pour the milk up to the edge. Note that the oats will drain the milk, so make sure you pour enough milk on them so they don’t become dry.

  3. Then you take a spoon and grab some of that delicious raw cocoa powder and carefully spread it so it covers all of the oats.

  4. Then you top off the cocoa with sugar. Spread it all over. You’ll see how the sugar sinks into the raw cocoa and becomes this mushy sugary deliciousness.

Suggested drink: A glass of milk. 

Bonus info: This is considered a healthy breakfast, or at least my whole childhood it was. So you can kinda eat it without judging yourself. 


Check out an exclusive performance from Tim Schou here: